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UPAAH hosts Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

UPAAH and the Filipino Association of University Women worked with Senator Bennette Misalucha to honor Maria A. Ressa, our first Filipino Nobel Peace Prize awardee. She received a commendation from the senator on June 27 at the Hawaii State Capitol. Senators Donna Mercado Kim and Glenn Wakai were also present, as well as Philippine Consulate General of Honolulu Emil Fernandez, and invited guests.

Maria Ressa was Keynote Speaker at the East-West Center International Media Conference 2022.

Here are some photos from FAUW's page:

Hawaii News Now reporter Annalisa Burgos also covered the event:

UPAA member Kit Zulueta Furukawa also authored Fil-Am Courier's cover story on Maria Ressa, which can be read here:

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