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UP Alumni recognized in 17th annual FilCom Bayanihan Gala, Knights of Rizal and HiNAMI

Two UP alumni – Dr. Belinda “Lindy” Aquino and Dr. Raymund Liongson – were honored during the 17th annual FilCom Bayanihan Gala for their excellence in education.

Lindy is a professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii where she served as professor of Political Science and Asian Studies and founding Director of the Center for Philippine Studies. She also served as visiting professor and research fellow at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, Thammasat University in Bangkok, and four universities in Indonesia.

Raymund is now a retired professor in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Hawaii-Leeward. His 40-year passion and commitment toward educating the youth, whom he refers to as “the saplings of the dawn,” has moved him to have his students learn be‐ yond the four walls of the classroom, teach beyond the conventional instructional strategies, and aim for student and social transformation rather than simply transmit information.

Geminiano “Toy” Arre, Jr. was conferred the Life‐ time Knights of Rizal Membership by the KOR Supreme Council for his 25 years of committed involvement in the Order. Toy, who is a Knight Grand Officer of Rizal (KGOR), is the only lifetime KOR member in Hawaii conferred with such recognition as a result of his long years of service. The Knights of Rizal was established in 1911 and was granted a legislative charter by President Elpidio Quirino under Re‐ public Act 646 on June 14, 1951. Toy served as the president of the Filipino Community (FilCom) Center for eight years.

Beatrice Ramos-Razon was recognized by the Honolulu City Council for her years of dedicated service to the medical community and the people of Hawaii. Bea founded the Hawaii Nursing Advocates and Mentors, Inc. (HiNAMI), a 501(c)(3) organization classified by the IRS as a Educational Organization. Since its founding in 2001, HiNAMI has provided nursing review classes for 1,500 NCLEX takers, most of them immigrants from the Philippines.

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