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The Mask I wear

By: Alberto Jalalon

Would you care

To wear a mask?

A simple request

That saves a life

Year twenty twenty

Looked a year that was

Of promise, of hope

And fear to boot

It started great

Nary a worry

Life's a bliss

Ours to partake

Then came a virus

Now called COVID-19

Our lives upended

Joys curtailed

It started simply

Cases sparingly

But then it blossomed

A pandemic was born

First came hospitalizations

Deaths door came knocking

Alarms bells now sounded

It's spread we must curtail

Death toll now mounting

A great burden to bear

New words known

Social distancing and lock downs

And so I ask

How can I help?

The answer came simply

A mask you must wear

And so now

A mask I wear

For facts, not fear

That drives me so

Masks protect both wearer

And those near

Mask up

Keep your family safe

For truly now

A mask I wear

Because I care

Would you wear yours?

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