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Learning to see the deeper value

President’s Message

Aloha and Mabuhay to all!

The new officers and directors started their term during the pandemic. Although there is no telling when the pandemic will end, we see hope as new vaccines will soon be available, while front line workers and public health officials continue their hard work to preserve human lives. The world has to adapt to the new normal. Technology has become the platform to connect family and friends, conduct a class or do business. We have learned to see deeper values in things that we normally take for granted.

Our new team of officers invites UPAAH members to reconnect with our alumni family. Let’s rekindle that bond that we all share – the ideals of UP, as professionals from one alma mater, our university experience. Despite social restrictions during the pandemic, we have created different platforms for members to engage: our UP Ohana Newsletter,, Facebook social media and e-mail.

A big thanks to our PRO - Kit Furukawa, Board Member - Maita Milallos and Past President - Debs Robillard who have taken lead roles. This extends to the members of their committees who work behind the scenes to make it happen. Their ideas and creativity make it possible for all of us to have a Virtual Christmas Party this year, provide help to typhoon victims back home, get updated and share ideas. Thanks also to members who reached out and sent responses to our membership campaign. We would love to hear from members. Let us know how we are doing, share your visions of UPAAH, have chikahan or make tambay at Kit and Sheena’s Tsismisan sa Tambayan on a Thursday nights.

The pandemic will not prevent us from doing what is good. This coming holiday season let’s give Peace, Love and Hope. Mabuhay ang Iskos at Iskas!

Tim Llena

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