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KOKUA PHILIPPINES: Team Tim’s Christmas Message

By: Divina Telan-Robillard

Growing up, I’d been told that there are as many typhoons during the year as there are letters in the Tagalog alphabet. Twenty, that is. Those in my generation grew up with typhoons of the garden variety - powerful enough to cause rivers to rise and topple down trees and power lines. But in these days of climate change, the devastation is more brutal, more catastrophic to life and limb, and its effects are more difficult to recover from.

Witness the two Category 4 typhoons that wreaked havoc in Northern and Southern Luzon last month, one trailing the other within a week’s time. The regions had little time in between to pick themselves up from the mud and flood before getting slammed again.

We cannot stand by and watch the Motherland struggle through this recent catastrophe. Not in the midst of the pandemic that is already plaguing our Inang Bayan.

On December 4, at our live online Christmas Party, we rally the better part of ourselves to join the mass of people already giving aid to the Philippines! We are partnering with the UP Foundation to donate dollars for typhoon relief.

We are planning a live auction on December 4 to raise $1000 for our part in the national typhoon relief fund drive. It will be followed by an online auction to bolster our goal of new and pre- loved items as well as personal services donated by fellow UPeeps. The online auction will be from December 19-31, 2020.

Items will be added here:

Let’s give from our hearts and wallets to fellow Pinoys whose Christmas holiday this year will be less than merry. But we can make their New Year more hopeful by being generous and kind. Nothing is too manini to give or offer.

Wake up the Iska and Isko in all of us and give generously. Make 2020 Christmas truly a “Maligayang Pasko and Manigong Bagong Taon sa ating lahat!”

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