Our bahay kubo:

Hope, Unity and the Spirit of UPAAH

by Albert Jalalon


At Kakaako Park in Honolulu during the 2019 Filipino Fiesta, our bahay kubo was once again showcased to which some members fondly called Bahay Kubo, version 2. Some Iskos and Iskas even commented that the fifth iteration of bahay kubo (version 5) will be perfect. I believe we can come to that.


Our bahay kubo is a symbol of hope, a concrete manifestation of unity, and the embodiment of the true spirit and grit of the alumni of our great university the University of the Philippines. It is an iconic symbol for our country and manifests the aspiration of a people for a better tomorrow. It is a simple structure, yes, but in its simplicity lies the beauty of its elegance. So to the breach once more. We put together our kubo in record time along with the ever present kainan that has become the hallmark of our gatherings as well as the joy and laughter that is ever present when we meet. We weaved the coconut fronds, we ribbed one another in serious and sometimes corny jokes, but all with one purpose in  mind -- to show to the residents of the city and county of Honolulu and the world over our kubo, borne on the weary shoulders of UPAAH's alumni and put together through the sweat, sacrifice, and love of its members.


Some of them toiled through rain and sun , in the morning and at night, with stars to light their way, all inspired and driven by a singular purpose manifest on who we are. We are Filipinos and proud of our heritage. Our kubo is part of us. Our kubo is us. It shows the hope we hold dear that we can make a better tomorrow. It shows our unity that we can do anything if we set our hearts and minds into it and we work together. It shows our spirit that we will always overcome. It is our kubo and we are proud of her.


Mabuhay, Isko at Iska!

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